Överthrow The Gods


Sure, they look like some scary looking guys, but don’t let the pretty faces fool you. These guys know how to rock. Each member of Mölkahete is an industry veteran and an expert in multiple musical instruments. Not to mention that they have experience in multiple genres of music. These talents and experiences unite to bring you one of the must unique musical sounds around.

Bass Player


Baddest Ass of all dudes

Bass Master Plus

Gavino Shredz

Gavino Shredz

The Guitar Player

Gavino has extensive experience in the arts. He has been a musical pioneer for several years and with numerous bands in both Texas and California. He is also an accomplished theater performer and master of theatrical design.



The Keytar Player

Marc has been playing piano and keyboard instruments since his early childhood days. He has played professionally in a number of groups and bands on not just keyboards, but the guitar, bass and mandolin.



The Drummer

The heart and soul of Mölkahete, Enrique has been playing the drums from an early age. He boasts a proud lineage, as his father also plays drums professionally. Enrique possesses the ability to seamlesssly transition between numerous styles, genres, tempos and variations literally without missing a beat.

Bass PlayerThe Guitar PlayerThe Keytar PlayerThe Drummer

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