Överthrow The Gods

The Legend of Mölkahete

MÖLKAHETE is more than just a band. It is also a sacred Mayan legend as revealed to us in recently discovered codices in the jungles of Central America. Their story is told below.


Long ago, in the great before time of the first era, the gods of music met upon the sacred mountaintop to determine once and for all whose music was the best. The Lord of Rock, the Angel of Soul, the Wizard of Funk and the Demon of Metal summoned their greatest warriors to face each other in mortal combat. One by one, their warriors appeared on the mountaintop prepared to duel each in the ultimate battle for the ages. But as the challenge began something happened that the gods did not expect. The warriors were so impressed with the virtues of the other that they joined forces….

…and overthrew the gods.
Thus began Mölkahete

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