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Donald Trump says Metalachi + Molkahete spells doom for America!

DES MOINES (AP) – In an attempt to boost his dipping poll numbers in Iowa, Donald Trump at a recent rally lashed out at the upcoming Metalachi and Molkahete show this Friday night 10/30 at the Ritz in San Jose citing it as an example of everything wrong with America. “Back when America was great, Mariachi people played Mariachi music and Metal people played Metal music” he told his supporters “now we have these Metalachis and Molkahetes mixing everything up. This type of music perversion will lead to the corruption of our youth and the violation of our women!”.

The Metalachi and Molkahete show has become a hot campaign issue as both left and right wing supporters try to get as many tickets as possible for the show which is likely to sell out. When asked about Trump’s comments, Molkahete’s keytarist immediately responded “She looked 18 to me, I swear officer”.

Even Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders jumped into the fray when he offered “Even though I’m campaigning for free tuition, free sandwiches and free access to Netflix you’re going to have to actually buy your own ticket for the Metalachi and Molkahete show on Friday. Damn those free markets!”

Trumps worst nightmare

These guys are Donald’s worst nightmare

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